Sneakers Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Sneakers

Has anyone ever had an idea or a wild guess that at some point in time buying a sneaker might become complex and difficult?

For instance, some six years back, sneakers were limited to being just functional shoes and nothing more.

The tide has turned, certainly! Nowadays, the purchasing of sneakers has become a whole new ball game altogether.

Today, you could choose among various styles and comfort-provider sneakers as today there remains a very thin line about what sneaker caters to sports, fashion or business.
Sneakers have become grand in size and popularity. The subject has become so broad and complex over the time that mere talking and covering each aspect of it would be near to impossible.

Not to worry! I have got you covered!

This blog will talk about the basics of sneakers so that you can get a piece of fundamental knowledge about them and it will help you next time you intend to buy your new sneaker.

What different types of sneakers are there?

Although sneakers are of multiple kinds and to get them summed up in a few lineups is a tricky and tiresome quest. However, there are three central categories across the world, where sneakers normally fall into. They are:
• Low-top
• Mid-top
• High-top

1: Low-Tops

Low-tops sneakers are very common in people. They are nice-looking sneakers without ankle covers.

Mostly, they are light in weight, thin and skinny, and are best for summertime in comparison to winter. These low top sneakers can be seen wearing by people across age through their everyday life. They are popular and used widely.

Within the low-tops, there are many types of sneakers present. Some are below:


Running shoes are hands down the most commonly and popularly used sneaker among people in the whole world market.

It is not that runners were famous since they arrived in the market. But, if you go back a couple of years you will see running shoes were barely surviving, let alone being the best popular sneaker.

However, things have turned the table for runners when Nike had introduced Nike Roshe Run. The trend was hence set for all other brands. Right after this sneaker, not a single brand left behind in the race to imitate the style of Nike that it introduced in the Nike Roshe Run. Since then, every brand had started producing athletic sneakers, just like that of Nike.

And why not?

The shoe was a pure mixture of sports and fashion!

These running shoes are high in comfort. The amazing thing about these shoes is that besides giving an attractive look of a running shoe, they also make you feel like a running shoe.

Today, some of the popular running shoes are Adidas Ultraboost, Adidas NMD, Skechers, and Puma.

Skate Shoes

The Skate sneakers are normally extremely light and high on leather or canvas. Also, these shoes have thick soles, making them extra durable and desirable.

Although they are completely different in many features compare to running shoes, they are still highly popular among people due to their sheer attractive appearance.

Yes! The shoe has a look you cannot overlook!

Many brands are creating Skate shoes, but the most famous among all are Vans and Nike. They have a huge pool of Skate shoes to choose from, but the best are Old Skool, Era, and Killshot 2.

Besides the above categories, there are many more low-top sneakers categories. Without going into minute details of what other types of low-tops are, here are some of the best sneakers from them:
1: Adidas Stan Smith
2: Nike Air Force One
3: Maison Margiela
4: Adidas Gazella
5: Ozweegos

2: Mid-Tops

When it comes to mid-top sneakers, there is not much to utter! Mid tops are pretty much any sneaker that falls between the low-top and high-top.

In simpler terms, mid-tops are shoes that cover the ankle and fall between a certain area of a high top.

Although, the mid-top sneaker is still an untapped area for many brands. It seemed it had not been touched extensively the way the other two categories are. Having said that, multiple brands are working in this area lately and many impressive sneakers have popped up as well such as Yeezy Boost 550, Nike Air Presto, and Adidas Tubulars.

3: High Tops

By now, you have comprehended that high-top sneakers are those that cover ankles.
Conventionally, the high-top sneakers are quite bulky and heavier, which makes them a complete winter shoe rather of summers.

They are mostly seen as streetwear shoes. In comparison to low tops, they are less eye-catching and alluring. And these shoes don’t tune well with business and formal attires.

You don’t see often these high-tops in the men’s wardrobe.

Within high-top sneakers, some are:

Basketball Sneaker

The basketball sneakers of the high top category are their version of running shoes.
They are high in comfort, considerably casual, and extremely athletic in appearance.

In basketball shoes, the most famous high tops in streetwear are of Air Jordans.

Now, the high top sneakers are present in many shapes and types. Although you see a resemblance of a basketball shoe in other of its types, they are pretty hard to recognize and resultantly categorize.

There are many high-top sneakers present in the market, but some of the best and well-known are Nike Blazer, Converse and Sk8 Hi’s, Margiela Future, and Geobasket. These are but a few of top high-tops. Within high-tops, you have sundry choices and options to go for.

Shopping a shoe has become tricky and complex. You may face overwhelming if you have gone shopping without planning carefully. Since sneakers are now present in abundance in the shoe market all over the world, offering various styles, designs, colors, and comfort. Besides, there are other options to choose from like a runner, a fashion kick, or just a casual shoe.

Knowing such complexities buying a sneaker involves, it is important to go through a complete shoe guide.

Skechers Walking shoes

Top 4 Best Skechers Walking shoes in 2020 2021

While walking wearing a shoe what do you seek most?

Yes, comfort! The essential element every shoe lover wants.


And, how do you achieve the desired and sought after comfort in a walking shoe?

Hold on! You don’t have to scratch your head to answer the question.


All you need to do is to pick your best Skechers walking shoe.


You heard me right!


Skechers is touted to be the leading shoe in the world market that provides incredible support for your ankles.

It does not matter whether your feet are wide, narrow, or other kinds, the Skechers are the best pairs to go with all kinds of feet. They cater to all age groups like adults, teens, kids, and the elderly.

If the constant fatigue, swelling, and pain of the feet has bothered you miserably every time you wear a changed shoe, then you should start wearing the best Skechers to remove these pains and worries.


See the list below and choose whatever suits you best from the best Skechers walking shoes.


1: Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4


Among the many walking shoes that are out in the market, Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk sneakers excel over the rest. Period!

Although filled with countless features, the first and exciting aspect hoe is that it comes with plenty of striking colors. From orange, gray, stone, black, to charcoal, and others.

Specifically crafted for walking, the shoe includes a rubber sole and a mesh upper. Due to the wide array of its quality, it is regarded as the best stable and exquisitely durable shoe present.

The shoe’s tapered design is shaped to provide you the necessary arch and ankle care. Additionally, not at any time, your feet may face weariness and swelling since the sneaker is lightweight.

There is another great feature the shoe has and that is, it has a footbed that is fitted with a top-quality antibacterial agent, which chuck out all the intrusion caused by bacteria. Furthermore, the lining of the antibacterial agent checks the odor of the shoe, which is spotted in sundry walking sneaker shoes.


If you face bad odor problems and swollen or another foot deformity, then this Skecher is the best bet for you people. It has comfort, arch and ankle support, sockliner, and light in weight.




When you think of comfort in a shoe, Skechers 341 Relaxed Fit: Palen Gadon comes right into the mind.

It has the right amount of style and comfort blend. The shoe is ideal for all sorts of casual and other recreational activities.

Due to its gel sole, it has greater comfortability and support to offer. Additionally, it has a nice cushioning support system that helps prevent pain or ache in the feet.

Light, high cushioning, and largely comfortable are some of the prominent features that make the shoe phenomenal for walking.


Check it out.


3: Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe


Like its men’s version, this also comes with plenty of color options to select from. But, the take over here is it offers a variety of additional colors that shoe lover women can decide upon. For example, some of the extra range of colors includes white, navy, turquoise, and taupe.


This Skechers shoe contains a customized sole and its upper is laden with textile fabric that works to create space for breathing so that the foot may not face excessive warmth.

The shoe has a special quality of improved rebound sole that makes it the best walking shoe, whether they have large or small foot size, it fits all. Additionally, the insole provides a woman with any sort of foot injury, where they find it hard to wear the normal pair of shoes, this Skechers jump in and gives you the comfort of life.


Flexible and amazingly light, the shoe is the best pick for women preferring a distant walk.


The features are not yet finished! There is more!


Interestingly, what makes this Skechers different from other women Skechers is its impressive sole as it belongs to the Goga Max – the latest striking insole in Skechers.

Due to the stunning qualities of Goga Max, not only women, but those with particular needs like swollen, large and fatigued feet will see this Skechers as a pure savior.

With the outstanding low-top layout, the sneaker provides comfort while at the same time offers unshakeable arch support.

Extremely light, a slew of range of colors and extraordinary comfort for all sorts of foot sizes are the core features making this Skechers shoe perfect for women.


4: Skechers Sport Men’s Elite Flex Hartnell Fashion Sneaker

Heads up, everyone! Here comes yet another stylish Skechers.


This Skechers Sport Men’s Elite Flex Hartnell shoe is a perfect slip-on delight for all women. You do not have to worry more about tying your laces first and then untying.


With Elite Flex, you are free from this burden!


All you simply do is put your foot in and you are good to go! If you are always in a hurry and have no or little time, then you should right away pick this sneaker as it provides the best slip-on men shoe design.

Its cushioning will give you the relief you seek as long as you walk. In addition to that, it will also ensure that you do not face any pain or chafing. Moreover, the shoe is remarkably light, giving you the edge to move freely without any limitations.

Improved sole, easy slip-on, and exceptionally light are the leading features of Elite Flex.

While it is good that you want to spend your money buying some nice pair of shoes for walking. But a lot many of you end up buying the wrong pairs. This way, not only you have wasted your money for nothing but also caused greater pain to your feet. Therefore, next time you embark on your shoe shopping spree opt for the above best Skechers walking shoes cause they are the best you get.

Running Shoes

The Best Running Shoes Every Man should buy!

Everybody needs a running kick! They are a must, no matter you are an athlete or a layman who needs a good get-go running shoes for the daily errands.

Since they are everybody’s love, looking for the good pairs can give you a run for your life!

Seeking the perfect running kicks that rightly fits is what makes the real difference between a bad choice and a good running sneaker choice as they will provide ease, feeling-free motion, and a relief irrespective of how many miles you cover.

Summer is here already, so the need for an impeccable running shoe will soon hit you as you have lined up a bunch of trips, trails, hiking, running and other recreational activities.

This is the time to buy yourself some nice trendy running kicks as brands are lining up 2020 their fresh products.

Whether you are seeking a shoe for indoor workouts such as treadmill run, or something for outside, wide in the open, we tell you not worry as we have you covered.

Since running is an important part to remain fit therefore it is of greater significance to choose wisely.

Find out from the list your best running shoes partner.

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E commerce issues in Pakistan

Are you facing e-commerce issues? Are you looking for proper and efficient solutions for your Ecommerce issues? If yes, you don’t need to be worry because I am going to discuss significant Ecommerce issues and their appropriate solutions in this article. E-commerce helps a businessman to grow his business, and it also helps to increase his sales. 

 Its modern era, an era of technology, your E-commerce store can bring up your economy from zero to billions. In the past few years, there is a massive increase in sales value due to E-commerce in Pakistan. But there are some random as well as systematic issues in E-commerce in Pakistan. Systematic issues include the digitalization of payment methods, while random issues include late delivery.  Brandzhop plays an important role in resolving these issues and provides you quality products at competitive prices.  

There are lots of E-commerce issues in Pakistan which needs to be addressed, some of them are discussed below: 

  • Limited payment methods 
  • Inadequate information 
  • Product exchange or refund
  • High cost for online products
  • Longer delivery times 
  • Products’ authenticity issues