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Limited Payment Methods

Most people of Pakistan face E-commerce issues due to limited options for payment. There is less effectiveness of payments in e-commerce.

Many online sellers in Pakistan are providing you with only limited payment methods that some might be lacking, e.g., they only receive payment through the bank account, debit card, credit card, or Payoneer. That might be a big hurdle for some customers in using online services. Many banks, by default, do not allow debit card payments.

The users have to contact their bank helpline to activate this service. That service is limited for some time.Many banks do not give the option of online payments and transactions because they consider it as insecure.Some sellers don’t offer cash on delivery; they only receive payment in advance. Its also a challenging E-commerce issue in Pakistan. Brandzshop solves your issue by providing you facility of cash on delivery.

Nowadays, in Pakistan, there are so many methods of transactions of payment. Most of them are developed for online transactions, like Omni, Easy Paisa, and Jazz Cash, etc. But many well-known sellers in the online market have not introduced these payment methods in their websites for online shopping.

You don’t need to worry about payment methods for online shopping anymore because

your own Brandzshop has provided you a lot of payment methods involving bank account, debit card, credit card,  jazz cash, and Easypaisa.  That’s quite accessible to the majority of the customers. We are just trying to make our customers’ online shopping experience more reliable to them. So, enjoy shopping from brandzshop and share your experience with others.

Due to illegal activities, consumer protection is considered weak in Pakistan. Pakistani customers hesitate to use online payment methods due to insecurities.They fear their personal information (such as credit card number, cell number, Email address, bank details, and address, etc.) that may be leaked by unauthorized persons. Brandzshop provides proper security related to your personal information.

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