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Puca Creek

Puca Creek

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Puca Creek Flip flops for Men Suitable for casual, outdoor and beach
✅Proficiently anchored to lend your feet with much-needed rest and relaxation
✅Light Weight ,Anti Skid and Durable Design
✅Beach wear, Casual wear
✅Thong strap, open toe, easy to slip on
Closure: Pull On

Maintenance Tips

Please clean your slipper regularly, avoid settlement of dust and dirt for longer period. It
can damage the properties of upper materials, Try rotate between 2 or more pairs, wear alternately for longer life.

Cleaning: Different material requires different cleaning methods. Use mild detergent, wipe gently, do not soak your slipper in water if some components are made of leather. Always dry your slipper in well-ventilateb place, avoid direct sunlight. Use soft rubber bristle brush for cleaning material.

Storage: Do not store your slipper without putting stuffing for longer period, it can deform it shape. Wipe with gentle cloth and dry them well before storage Moisture can reduce life of materials and foam padding,

Crafted Components: Do not apply strong solvent cleaning chemicals on printed and embossed surfaces. Do not use hard brush or sharp tools on Foot bed and upper.

Outsole: The outsole after used in heavy sand and gravel area must be cleaned with hard brush after usage to avoid cracks and extra abrasion.

Care Instructions

This Flip Flop is not meant & supposed to be used in Bathrooms or in any water 💦 conditions! Although it has enough strength to hold under minor/rare water confrontations!

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