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Top 5 Shoe Brands in 2021 to Look For!

Top 5 Shoe Brands in 2021
A lot many of us have heard the famous cliché that says New Year is the ideal time to start a ‘new you’! And the simplest way to bring a change, subtle in nature but effective in manner is through buying a brand new pair of shoes. Either you want to look different or notable at your workplace or just for fun and casual walk with your kids and family at a nearby park, your new pair of shoes will make you stand out in public and provide the desired comfort you seek.


Your shoes define a lot about your character; therefore, you have to choose carefully and cautiously your footwear!


By now, you must have made your mind about carefully choosing your shoes from now on! But, you must be thinking about the possible footwear choices you should go for!


Am I right? Yeah, I guess!


Since seeking a reliable shoe pair has become a tiresome tricky task, no longer fun as it once was. As almost every shoe brand has wide-ranging styles, change fit and greatly important, diverse qualities.


Keeping your comfort first, we have put down a list of 5 best shoe brands for you.


1: Nike – The Best Sportswear Brand you can own!

Started as a mere sportswear brand to becoming a common household name across the world, Nike is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading footwear existing.


With such mega presence over the footwear market worldwide, Nike offers its customers a whole range of new and original styles.


Yes, Nike still leads among the world’s leading sportswear brands!


If you plan to buy a pair of basketball shoes or soccer shoes, then Nike is your desired and optimal choice. Since they produce the market’s best sports shoes by introducing original and frequent innovations in their footwear. Not to mention that Nike offers a constant and uninterrupted streak of new pairs of shoes with different sizes and a whole range of new colors.


That’s not it! Well, there is more!


Nike does not stop at just sportswear but has made its passage to the fashion and lifestyle industry as well. By creating a pair of shoes such as VaporMax, Air Max and others, Nike has proved that it is an all-inclusive and all-embracing brand.


If you want a shoe pair, straight out go to Nike!


2: Adidas – The Most-Trusted Footwear Partner you will have!

Adidas is another leading sportswear brand in the market. Similar to Nike, Adidas with its shoes has changed the sports footwear industry altogether. Trusted by all and sundry equally, Adidas is the most trusted brand among footwear.


With Adidas, you get the desired comfort and a classy elegant look!


Like most other brands, Adidas has also shifted its focus to the general masses, appealing to their needs now and not just remaining within the ambit of their usual sportswear.


One interesting thing about Adidas is that the brand has transformed its sportswear shoes by letting go of the usual material and instead focusing to make it more stylish, elegant and appealing. For instance, Adidas Stan Smith’s model incorporates from style, comfort to complete rubber. With Adidas, you are not only buying stylish pairs but also securing a safe investment.


Also, if you are more of a classic guy then Adidas has a bunch of options in its store to choose from!


When it comes to Adidas, without any iota of uncertainty, you are going to find a pair of shoes you love to wear in your daily chores.


3: Reebok – The Ultimate Exercise Partner you can wish for! 

Reebok has made this 2021 top shoe brand list because of one thing i.e. its blustering comeback with different latest styles and innovative pairs of shoes.


Although more centered on fitness and sports footwear, the brand offers plenty of trendy and fashionable shoes for each segment of the audience.


The brand has collaborated with the world’s leading personalities such as Victoria Beckham and others in propagating its presence. It has something for all, which can be seen by their Crossfit range. Through this, Reebok has targeted a large section of the residual audience.


Besides the sports shoes, Reebok has introduced one of the world’s finest leather sneakers today. The footwear comes in sundry elegance, colors, fits and several other features.


With Reebok, you can buy yourself a nice pair of shoes of your desire and sit back for the next 6 months to see the investment you made paying off its results.



4: Puma – The best Street Shoes You can ever wear!

For a moment, we thought and believed that Puma is gone. Until recently, when it has made its fascinating return in 2021!


Compared to the giants like Nike and Adidas, Puma has found an impressive section of trusted audience and slowly it is gaining and enhancing its customer reach.


Puma has some of the best street shoes in the world. The brand has cashed more profits, name, and fame with the advancement of street shoes. Since Puma’s street shoes are the top-selling product today on the worldwide market.


It offers splendid shoe designs and considerable styles. The Puma sneakers are fashionable and classy street footwear that is worth your investment.


5: Skechers – The Best Adult Shoe with high-class Quality! 

This brand is giving chills to every other brand present. It is not too far that Skechers might transform itself similar to the likes of Reebok and others.


Although the brand caters more to the adult audience because of its ‘older’ look, it might give a slight discomfort to the younger audience.


Skechers is often synonymous with quality!

If you are looking for a quality shoe, Skechers is your best bet! Their top-quality shoes mostly are packed with cushioned or customized soles, which can adjust to feet and provide guaranteed quality no matter how much longer you wear them.


Having said that, this new brand is now preparing itself to cater to the younger audience as well and make no mistake once they have done it, there will be no stopping! This year fetch Skechers for yourself and behold the quality and comfort!


Buying brand new shoes can at times turn out to be a throbbing task. Although the market is full of stylish brands to opt from, seeking the most fitting pair can be sheer suffering. This blog has addressed your shoe search afflictions by giving a thorough highlight of the renowned brands that offer quality, comfort, style, fashion, and reliability. Next time you go shopping for your shoes, pick one from the noted brands.

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